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7 Free Fruit Crochet Patterns Perfect for Summer

7 Free Fruit Crochet Patterns Perfect for Summer

Summer is here! That means it’s getting too warm to be sitting inside covered in blanket projects, so I’ve been starting to look for smaller summery projects that won’t make me melt away underneath them. And nothing says summer like watermelons, lemons, and pineapples!

So if you’re looking for inspiration, here’s a collection my favourite fruit crochet patterns from around the web:

1. Lemon Beanie by Ashley Leither Designs

2. Crochet Watermelon Coasters by Crochet 365 Knit Too

3. Claire the Coconut by Cosy Crochet

4. Crochet Pineapple Planter by Sewrella

5. Strawberry Stitch Tutorial from Hopeful Honey

6. Apple Pouch from Repeat Crafter Me

7. Cherry Key Chain by Yours Truly (that’s us 😉 )

Bonus: The Tiny Baby Pumpkin (who would like to be a fruit) by Sweet Softies

7 Free Fruit Crochet Patterns - A Round Up - the Slippin' Stitch #crochet #pattern #fruit

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