For the love of crochet

About Us

Well, it probably should be About Me, rather than About Us I guess, as I’m a one-woman show, but I digress…

Hi there!

Lo blowing bubblesI’m Lo and I started this blog to share my love for crocheting with the universe. I’m a German, living in France, married to an American, with a French dog. Well, I guess he’s French, he really loves cheese.

They tried to teach me how to crochet in elementary school, but that was a complete fail. Mostly because my teachers were right-handed and couldn’t figure out a way to show me how to do it left-handed. So everything was upside down and reversed and flipped and I just didn’t get it.

It wasn’t until decades later, that I managed to learn it with the help of amazing left-handed people posting tutorials on YouTube. Since then, I’ve fallen more and more in love with crocheting and find it hard to sit still anywhere without wanting a yarn and hook in my hand.

As a way to share the love and to hopefully help somebody else who is sitting in front of their computer trying to figure out how to make something cool out of a string, I want to share the things I make with you, so you can make them too.

I’m by no means a professional, so please excuse any errors you might find in my patterns. Send me a message if you find anything that needs improving, fixing, correcting, and I’ll get on it right away.

Until then, I hope you enjoy this website and I wish you happy crocheting!